Yatra Globetrotters

Our passion for travelling has become part of our life journey and in turn, has
re-defined the meaning of life. There’s so much to see, to experience, to learn and the passion for meeting extraordinary people to learn from continues. There are endless inspirations and education to be sought – but only if you are willing to find it, which we are!

The norm of everyday living can make you lose sight of what’s important and trying to see things from a different mindset.

Travelling increases knowledge and broadens people’s perspective. To observe new customs, observe different ways of living is unbelievable for the mind. It helps gives us a unique viewpoint about life, and particularly our life; it can help us change some bad habits or even create new ones. There’s nothing more exciting than travelling to make new experiences and retain memories that will last forever.

This is our tribute to the gratitude we have for what the world has taught us in our journeys, and together we would like to showcase the beauty of this world through our travels and a Soulful Pursuit.

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