Bahrain Travel Guide

Bahrain Travel Guide

Welcome to Bahrain

Officially named the Kingdom of Bahrain, this tiny island is a sovereign state of the Persian Gulf. Located between the Qatar peninsula and the east coast of Saudi Arabia, It is the third smallest country in Asia after the Maldives and Singapore and is famous for its pearl fisheries.

The capital city of Bahrain is Manama, and although a small country, it offers a lot of exciting experiences for both locals and foreigners. Travel Bahrain and wander through the popular Bab al-Bahrain Souq for colourful handwoven fabrics and spices to exhibits at the Bahrain National Museum, or see the impressive World Trade Center and luxury shopping malls, plus more.

How To Get There

The capital city of Bahrain is Manama, situated in the Persian Gulf at the northeast tip of Bahrain island. To get to Manama, you can fly into Bahrain International Airport, which connects most major international destinations, such as London and Singapore

On arrival, several taxi services are available to take you into the city, and the Saudi-Bharani Transport company runs eight buses daily into central Manama for a cheaper option. Alternatively, you can hire a car independently if you have an international driving permit. Click here for tour options.

Visa Requirements

Check with your respective embassy for any visa requirements before visiting Manama. As a United Arab Emirates national, there is no need for a visa, just carry your National ID card.

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Officially named the Kingdom of Bahrain, this tiny island is a sovereign state of the Persian..

The Capital and largest city of Bahrain.

The best nightlife in the Middle East.

Where To Stay

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the magnificent Ritz-Carlton Hotel and what a treat! With panoramic views spanning along the Arabian Gulf, the property features private white-sand beaches that stretch around the hotel’s lagoon and a private island beach. Luxury beckons you at this 20-acre resort situated on the shores of Manama. The ambience is elegant yet extravagant; it combines traditional culture with modern decor.

Our Thoughts

Looking back at our time in Bahrain at the end of this weekend, it certainly was eye-opening. We recommend Bahrain for a weekend getaway as you can experience so much in a short time. The culture and history were pleasantly surprising, and the food and people were beautiful. 

But, if you want to experience a more authentic Middle Eastern adventure, you could add some extra days in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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