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Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is a destination steeped in history and culture, famous for one of the Seven Wonders of this fantastic world, the Great Pyramid. It is also known as the “City of a Thousand Minarets” for its Islamic architecture. It houses some of the world’s most famous attractions, the Egyptian Museum, which is  home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, including the treasures of King Tutankhamun. Visitors can also explore the city’s Islamic heritage by visiting the medieval Islamic city of Cairo, which includes the Al-Azhar Mosque and the Citadel.

Cairo is a vibrant and bustling metropolis with a diverse population and thriving arts and culture. The city’s bustling streets impress you with markets selling everything from spices to textiles, while the city’s many cafes and restaurants offer a taste of traditional Egyptian cuisine.

Whether you’re a history buff, a culture vulture, or just looking for a unique travel experience, Cairo is a city that will not disappoint.

Pyramids of Giza, Cairo

How To Get There

Getting to Cairo, Egypt, can be done in various ways, depending on your location and preferred mode of transportation.

By Air: Cairo International Airport is the primary airport serving the city and is well-connected to worldwide destinations. Many major airlines, such as EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines, and Emirates etc, offer flights to Cairo from major cities across the world. Once you reach the airport, you can take a taxi or bus to your final destination in the city.

By Train: Cairo is also well connected by train, with several daily trains running from cities such as Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, and more. The Egyptian National Railways operates these trains, and you can buy tickets at the station on the day of travel or in advance.

By Bus: Bus travel is also a popular option if you come from other cities in Egypt. Many private bus companies run regular services to Cairo, and tickets can be purchased at the station or in advance.

Getting Around Cairo

Getting around Cairo can be challenging, but several options are available. Taxis are a popular choice and are relatively inexpensive. They can be hailed on the street or at authorized taxi stands, and the fare is usually negotiated with the driver before the ride begins.

Another option is the Metro, an affordable and efficient way to get around the city. The metro system has two lines and serves most of Cairo’s major sights and neighbourhoods. You can also rent a car with a driver or take a bus or minibus for longer distance travelling.

Overall, Cairo is a bustling and exciting city, and with a bit of planning and flexibility, getting there and getting around should be a breeze.

Places Of Interest

Pyramids Of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Pyramids of Giza

The most iconic landmark in Egypt is the pyramids of Giza. Being one of the original Seven Wonders of the World, this fantastic Pyramid has been intact for 4,500 years. The three main pyramids are the Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of Menkaure and the Pyramid of Khafre, all built as tombs for pharaohs during the Old Kingdom. Discover how the Pyramids were constructed. Enjoy the desert landscape by walking between the grand pyramids while taking the best photos.  

Saqqara Necropolis


Saqqara is an ancient Egyptian necropolis and the original Pyramid, about 30 km south of Cairo. It is home to several pyramids, including the Step Pyramid of Djoser, which is considered one of the oldest stone structures in the world.

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

NMEA, focuses on the earliest civilization. The Egyptian Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in Egypt’s ancient history, housing an extensive collection of artefacts, including the treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb and mummies from the 17th to 20th centuries. The opening hours of the museum are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can purchase tickets here. 

Cairo Citidel, Egypt

Cairo Citadel

The Citadel is a medieval fortress that Saladin built in the 12th century. It offers a panoramic view of the city, and visitors can also explore the Muhammad Ali Mosque, located inside the citadel. 

Al-Azhar Park

Al-Azhar Park

Al-Azhar Park is a beautiful park that offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It provides a great view of Cairo and the Citadel, and visitors can also explore the park’s gardens, playgrounds, and other attractions. 

Khan El-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili is a historical bazaar in the heart of Cairo. It’s a great place to explore shopping, especially for local souvenirs and crafts. Book tickets here.

Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo is a UNESCO World Heritage site home to many of the city’s most famous Islamic monuments. Visitors can explore the Al-Azhar Mosque, the Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, and the Bab Zuweila, among other attractions. Book tickets here.

Coptic Cairo

Coptic Cairo

An historic neighbourhood home to many of the city’s Coptic Christian monuments. Visitors can explore the Hanging Church, the Coptic Museum, Saint Sergius, and the Coptic artistry. Book tickets here.

Church of Abu Serga, Cairo

Church Of Abu Serga

A famous Coptic Christian Church named after saints St. Sergius and Bacchus. Built in the 4th or 5th century, it is one of the oldest churches in Egypt. It’s importance depicts an impressive history and unique religious statue, with its roof shaped like Noah’s Ark. The opening time of the church is from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Book tickets here.

Cairo Opera House

Cairo Opera House

The Cairo Opera House, part of Cairo’s National Cultural Centre, is a beautiful building that offers live music, dance, and theatre performances. Visitors can attend a concert during their visit to Cairo. Book tickets here.

Nile River Cruise

Nile River Cruise

A Nile River cruise is a great way to experience the Nile and see Cairo from a different perspective. Visitors can take a traditional felucca ride or a modern cruise boat; both offer a great way to enjoy the Nile’s beauty and the city’s skyline. Enjoy the glittering landmark of Cairo on a dinner cruise on the Nile River. While sailing, enjoy a buffet dinner on board, live music, and a traditional Tanura show. Book tickets here.

With so much to see and experience in Cairo, visitors can easily spend several days exploring the city and its many attractions. Click here for more tour options.

Where To Stay

Cairo offers a wide range of accommodation options, including some top-rated hotels and resorts that offer exceptional service and amenities. For visitors looking for a more authentic experience, many traditional riads, or courtyard houses, have been converted into guesthouses. Here are a few recommendations for where to stay in Cairo.

Luxury Hotels

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

This luxury hotel offers stunning views of the Nile River and the city skyline. It features luxurious guest rooms and suites, a spa, a fitness centre, and several dining options.

Mid-Range Hotels

Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Cairo

The hotel secures one of the best locations in El Tahrir Square, with views of the Egyptian Museum, a short distance from Khan El Khalili Bazaar, and near access to Egypt’s top attractions.

Budget Hotels

Miramar Downtown

The Miramar Downtown in Cairo offers free WiFi in its guestrooms and is situated 651 metres from The Egyptian Museum and 150 metres from Tahrir Square. The property is 1.7 miles from Khan Al Khalili and 1.3 miles from Cairo Tower. The hotel has a terrace and a front desk open around-the-clock.

The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo

This 5-star hotel is situated in the heart of Cairo and offers elegant guest rooms and suites, a spa, a fitness center, and several dining options.

Kempinski Nile Hotel, Cairo

The hotel offers luxurious accommodations on the banks of the Nile River and is situated in Cairo’s affluent Garden City neighborhood. It has a wellness center, rooftop pool, and several other amenities.

Garden City Plaza Hotel

The Hotel, which is in the heart of Garden City, featuring simple rooms with comfortable beds and a front desk open around the clock,suitable for travellers on a tight budget. Additionally, Tahrir Square is conveniently close by, and only a short walk away.

Where To Eat

Cairo is known for its delicious and diverse cuisine; here are some of the top places to eat in Cairo:

Felfela: A well-known and highly-regarded Egyptian restaurant located in the heart of Cairo. They offer a wide range of traditional Egyptian dishes such as Koshari, Molokhiya, and Kofta. The restaurant has been around for over 50 years, and it’s a great place to try some of the best local food in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Abou El Sid: A fine dining restaurant that serves traditional Egyptian cuisine in an elegant setting. The restaurant is known for its beautifully presented dishes and excellent service. The menu features a mix of classic and modern Egyptian dishes focused on fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Ta’miya Street Food: Ta’miya is a popular street food dish in Egypt, and it’s made from falafel balls mixed with spices, tomatoes, and parsley, wrapped in a thin layer of bread. Many street vendors sell Ta’miya, but the best place to try it is at the street vendors in Talaat Harb, Downtown Cairo.

KosharyAbouTarek: This small and casual eatery is famous for serving one of the best Koshari in Cairo. Koshari is a famous Egyptian dish made from lentils, pasta, and rice topped with a spicy tomato sauce and fried onions.

Al-Fassia: A traditional Moroccan restaurant that serves various delicious and authentic dishes. The menu features a mix of classic and contemporary Moroccan dishes, including tagines, couscous, and different meat and seafood dishes. The decor is also traditional, and you will feel like you are dining in a Moroccan palace.

Above are some of the excellent places we chose to eat at, where you can experience the city’s delicious and diverse cuisine. From traditional street food to fine dining, there’s something for everyone in Cairo.

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to the land of Pharaohs? Look no further than Cairo! With its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landmarks, Cairo is the perfect destination, whether you’re planning a family trip, a romantic getaway, or a business trip, Cairo has something to offer everyone.

Imagine wandering through the bustling streets of Old Cairo, marveling at the grandeur of the pyramids, or taking a leisurely cruise down the Nile. These are just some of the many experiences waiting for you in Cairo.

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