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Clothing | Conservative Dressing


When travelling to a conservative country, dressing appropriately must be highly considered as it shows respect for the culture and can also save you from attracting unwanted attention. Please do your research before you travel as some countries are much stricter with their cultural and social expectations.

Countries that have a prominent Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist influence are the countries that you’ll need to cover up. For example India, Jordan, Bahrain, Turkey, UAE

To begin with, dress modestly by showing respect in keeping your knees, midriff, cleavage and shoulders covered and in some places, you may need to cover your arms, hair and feet. 

Headscarves may not be required everywhere, but it is a valuable piece of item to keep in your bag if you need them, to drape over your head or shoulders and avoid unwanted attention as a tourist.

Remember, respecting local and religious traditions is vital and be aware of your behaviour while travelling to remote places to ensure it doesn’t offend local customs.

In my experience, if you make an effort to show respect, you are likely to have a better vacation.  

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