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Luxembourg – is a country in Western Europe, where Germany borders the East, France borders the south, and Belgium connects the West and North. An exciting country packed with culture, history, and natural beauty.

Being in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg makes it an excellent base for exploring the continent. So if you’re like me, who’s getting to that perfect age where the kids have finally flown the coop and left you to wander the world again, consider Luxembourg!

Honestly, I arrived in Luxembourg without knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised! Without a doubt, this country is spotless and safe, and the public transport system is excellent. No words can describe how I felt standing atop one of the country’s many castles, overlooking the picturesque landscape below. This is one of the best travels I had, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful and safe travel destination.


How To Get There

The quickest way to get to Luxembourg is by plane. The airport is in the capital city and is approximately 10 minutes from the city centre. Several airlines fly into Luxembourg, including Air France, British Airways, and Lufthansa. If you’re taking the train, book your tickets with Rail Europe for Eurostar transfers London or Paris. It takes about three hours and 20 minutes.

Driving from Frankfurt or Amsterdam to Luxembourg it’s approximately four hours and 15 minutes. You can also travel by bus, and it’s the cheapest way to get there. The modern buses have comfortable seats and free Wi-Fi, so it’s a relaxing trip. Around 75 planes, 18 trains, and 76 buses travel in and out of Luxembourg daily. So, visiting the country will be easy and convenient for everyone.

Places of Interest

Le Chemin de la Corniche

Le Chemin de la Corniche, or The Path of the Corniche, is a beautiful 12-kilometre-long path that follows the edge of a cliff overlooking the valley below. The track starts in Echternach and winds along the cliffs until it reaches Diekirch. Along the way, we’ve seen numerous picnic areas, lookout points, and even a few small restaurants where we stopped  for lunch and a drink. It’s a lovely spot for a day tour in Luxembourg.

Le Chemin de la Corniche, Luxembourg

Cathedral Notre Dame

The Cathedral Notre Dame is a popular luxembourg tourist attractions. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral considered one of the oldest churches in the city. The cathedral’s exterior features intricately carved stone slabs, while the interior’s design with stained glass windows and elaborate frescoes. You will be surprised by the ornate architecture and grandiosity, leaving you in awe throughout your visit.

Cathedral Notre Dame, Luxembourg

The Grund

Another picturesque icon you don’t want to miss is The Grund. Originally a fortification built in the 10th century to protect the city from invaders, The Grund has since been transformed into a charming neighbourhood filled with art galleries, trendy restaurants, and lively nightlife.

Lower City of Grund, Luxembourg

Grand Ducal Palace

While in the city, be sure to drop by the Grand Ducal Palace, the official Royal residence of the Grand Duke. The palace has undergone renovation and expansion over the years and features several luxurious rooms and suites that the royal family uses.

Grand-Ducal-Palace, Luxembourg

Monument of Remembrance "Gëlle Fra"

The symbol of the freedom and resistance of the Luxembourg people.

Monument of Remembrance "Gëlle Fra" Luxembourg

 (MNHANational Museum of Art and History is one of the country’s cultural institutions you must visit. It houses an extensive collection of both Luxembourgian and international arts and historical artefacts. Founded in 1845, the museum has been a prime destination for art lovers and historians alike, who come to view its collection of approximately 50,000 items.

For unique experiences exploring the sights of Luxembourg City, I recommend the Hop On Hop Off – City Line Tour. With a one-day or two-day pass, you can board any of the city’s red buses at any stop and take as many rides as you like. The drivers and guides are very knowledgeable about the city’s history and culture, plus the buses come equipped with audio guides in several languages! Book tours here.

Where To Stay

The Sofitel Luxembourg Europe is hard to beat when it comes to luxurious accommodation in the cities in Luxembourg. This 5-star hotel boasts its celebrity treatment to every visitor, offering impeccable treatment and stunning views of the historic old town. In addition, you can enjoy an array of amenities, including an on-site spa, fitness centre, and pool. And because of its prime location, you can easily explore all Luxembourg offers.

Another great hotel on the city’s outskirts is the Parc Hotel Alvisse. This 4-star hotel is the perfect location for those who want to be close to everything in Luxembourg. A spa, fitness centre, pool, sauna, and restaurants are on-site. So, you’ll never feel bored during your stay.

For more budget-friendly accommodation, I highly recommend Le Chatelet. It’s a 3-star family-run place to stay in Luxembourg with free Wi-Fi, a sauna, and a buffet breakfast daily. This small bed and breakfast, nestled in the city’s heart, is perfect for couples or small groups.

Where To Eat

You won’t be disappointed looking for the best places to eat in Luxembourg. With its vibrant food scene, you will indeed find what you desire. 

For something casual, try Bofinger. This brasserie has been serving traditional French fare since 1864 and is still one of the most popular spots in town. The dishes are simple but tasty and reasonably priced.

For something unique, try Ambrosia. This restaurant specializes in vegetarian-friendly cuisines, and the dishes are delicious. In addition, they offer a vegan and gluten-free options for those with particular food goals.  

Final Thoughts

Are your bags ready to visit Luxembourg? I promise you won’t be disappointed. This beloved country embraces history, culture, natural beauty, and plenty of activities you will surely enjoy. And if that’s not enough, consider this: Luxembourg is one of the most affordable countries in the mighty European nation! So you can easily enjoy a luxurious vacation without breaking the bank.

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