Malta – A Limestone Beauty

In the Mediterranean Sea, approx 80km south of Italy, the Republic of Malta 🇲🇹 an Island in Southern European country lies. It’s the world’s 10th smallest country & its capital is Valletta. During the 2nd World War, Malta played an essential role for the Allies; being a British colony, situated close to Sicily. The Italian and German air forces bombarded Malta.

Malta is it’s soft golden limestone landscapes giving the country its characteristic “golden hue”. Absolute stunning country to visit!

Valetta – The Walled City

From 1566, impressive bastions, forts and cathedral emerged to create Valetta. The city retains a timeless atmosphere by day and night, to give the feeling of walking back in time. The narrow streets depict some of Europe’s finest artworks, churches and palaces.

Mdina – The Silent City

Mdina a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is surrounded by fortified walls which sit adorns the highest hills of Malta.
Built-in Medieval times, much of its original architecture has remained which inspired some episodes of the Game of Thrones to be filmed here,
making the walled city of Mdina – “King’s Landing” in the series.

Mdina – The Silent City

Spinola Bay, St Julians

Spinola Bay is famous for being one of the busiest places in Malta and is a bay located in the city of St Julian’s.
Buzzing with many cafes and restaurants, places to relax, admire colourful fishing boats and talk long walks along the promenade.

Spinola Bay

Dingli Cliffs

The highest point in Malta lies The Dingli Cliffs with spectacular views of the cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea.
Saint Mary Magdalene Chapel built-in 1646, sits at the top next to a lookout point.

Saint Mary Magdalene Chapel
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