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The Mercy Centre is an NGO located within the Klong Toey slum in Bangkok. It is an organisation that is deeply connected with the community and has been working with the community to improve their lives for almost 40 years. The centre does a lot of great work and provides crucial services to the community. It provides a home for 200 orphaned or homeless children, legal aid for children in need, and HIV Aids healthcare program, 23 preschools and a community centre.

HDF Mercy Centre School

Volunteering at the school, teaching, playing and just being there for comfort

As the children slept, the volunteers got together with paint and brushes to re-paint their school and courtyard. Some of the volunteers cleaned up the garden area pulling out weeds. Some volunteered to do some farming and some volunteered to make a bamboo seating area around the palm trees so that the children could have a shaded area to sit.

Volunteers Painting the Pre-School

Visting the Slums to distribute Donations

Today we walked to the local slums bearing well-received donations, from Australia. These items included clothes, bedding, food, utensils, and books.

Happy children 🙂

Seeing the smile on their faces is enough to keep us satisfied for the rest of our lives

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