Republic of Cyprus

The Third Largest Island in the Mediterranean

Cyprus is an island country located in Asia but still part of the European Union (except for the Northern part of the island). Geographically, Cyprus is considered part of the Middle East, but with its neighbours Turkey and Syria, Cyprus has strong Greek and Turkish influences and is culturally more European.



The best time to visit Cyprus is between May and June. It is one of the driest periods of the year, with temperatures between 23 and 28 degrees and up to 13 hours of sunshine a day.



Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate, with long dry summers from mid–May to mid–October, and mild winters from December to February, separated by short autumn and spring seasons.




The official language is Greek and Turkish, although Arabic and English are also spoken.


Euro (EUR) is the official currency of Cyprus.

Banks & ATMs: 

The leading banks in Cyprus are the Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank and Eurobank (to name a few). ATMs are available everywhere.

Plugs and Sockets:

The associated plug type is G, which is the plug that has three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. 

Cyprus operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Consider carrying a universal adapter.

Local Culture: 

The culture of Cyprus is divided between the country’s northern Turkish and southern Greek sections. Since 1974 the Turkish community in northern Cyprus has promoted its own Turkish and Islamic culture.

Please make sure to respect religious sites and dress conservatively.


Surprisingly, Cyprus is a safe country to travel to, but be vigilant as petty crimes do occur, and geographically Cyprus is close to countries hit by terrorism and wars.

Flight Connections:

Cyprus Airways is the national airline of Cyprus, but many International airlines also fly in Cyprus.

Check Skyscanner for great airfares.


A sun-kissed island in the Mediterranean.

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