Road Trip Down South – Sri Lanka

Bentota Boat, Sri Lanka

Road Trip Down South – Sri Lanka

We pre-hired a rental car and a driver and drove an exciting part of our holiday from Colombo to Galle, which took approximately 3 hours.

The coastal road did not disappoint, with many panoramic views and a yearning to stay longer.


Bentota is a resort town with a long beach that stretches north and becomes a sandy strip known as Paradise Island, parallel to Bentota Lagoon.

Apart from a cluster of luxury hotels and resorts that gradually thin out as you travel south, there’s not much else here. It is perfect for enjoying your own space in nature with the surrounds of lush green trees and marine life, and it is considered a great honeymoon destination for newlyweds.

This resort town is also known for its Toddyproduction, an alcoholic beverage made of coconut nectar

Close by on Induruwa Beach, there is a turtle hatchery that you can also visit.

Galapatha Raja Maha Viharaya

On the Bentota River stands the centuries-old Galapatha Raja Maha Viharaya Temple, which adorns a giant Buddha statue originating back in the 12th century AD.

Please remember, if you are going to enter the Temple, out of respect, keep your legs and shoulders covered.

Galapatha Raja Maha Viharaya

Udakotuwa Temple​

While in Bentota, as you drive or take a boat on the River, you will see a beautiful white Buddha statue at the Udakotuwa Temple.

Take a few minutes to admire this peaceful statue and its serene surroundings.

Udakotuwa Temple

Taj Bentota Resort & Spa

An accommodation option is the Taj Bentota Resort & Spa, which lies over a lush hill overlooking the Indian Ocean and is typically known as one of the best resorts in Sri Lanka. The hotel is sculpted into a rocky headland and curves around its promontory so that rooms in one wing of the resort look south while others look northwest.

A short distance from the beach, the resort offers an abundance of popular water sports. It is an excellent resort for families.

Madu Ganga (River)

We took a River Boat Safari along the Madu Ganga (Ganga means “River” in Sinhala), which cruised from Balapitiya, meandering through mangrove forests, natural caves and islets that opened out to a vast expanse of water. An abundance of Cinnamon, Bamboo and Coconut trees grow throughout the Madu Ganga with natural surrounds of palm trees, chirping birds, kingfishers, black storks, and pond herons that flit freely around, portraying nature at its best! The cruise allows you to experience beautiful mangrove trees, a demonstration of Cinnamon productions, Kothduwa, (the island’s Buddhist Temple) and the smallest island on the River called Satha Paho Doowa.

Later, dip your feet in water for some fish therapy if you have time!

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