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These two beautiful islands, St Kitts and Nevis, are officially known as the Federation of Saint Christopher. Nevis being an island in the West Indies is also a dual-island nation situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
Saint Kitts which is the larger of the two islands, is home to a dormant Mount Liamuiga volcano, surrounded by a crater lake, green vervet monkeys and rainforest.

Port of Call: Basseterre is the capital city of St Kitts where the ship docks and is only walking distance to the pier into Port Zante. A bright yellow coloured entrance marks your way into Port Zante mall where there are plenty of open-air shopping stalls.

Interesting attractions include the “Circus” clock tower and independence square. The monument at the centre of the circus resembles London’s Piccadilly circus and bears a clock tower with a water fountain.

Major Beaches: Majors Bay, Cockleshell, Sandbank Bay

Port of Call – Basseterre

Local Tour around St Kitts

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Sundance Mountain

 An elevated point and marvelled at where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean and where Robert Redford lives atop the peak.
An iconic stop was on top of a mountain called “SUNDANCE” which overlooks Robert Redford’s home, the Atlantic Ocean on the left side on the right side the Caribbean Sea.

Frigate Bay
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