Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough

Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough

Welcome to the Wicklow Region

To escape the city and enjoy the rolling hills of Ireland, a day trip to a natural oasis of the Wicklow Mountains is worth visiting. As you leave the cityscape of Dublin, be welcomed by lush vegetation and rolling green hills, the perfect backdrop for some significant Hollywood blockbusters! (see below)


Approaching the Wicklow region, a crumbling city of the 6th century founded by Saint Kevin called Glendalough, the Valley of Two Lakes waits, the Upper Lake and the Lower Lake.

Glendalough is known as an ancient and one of the oldest examples of a Christian monastic site dating back to the Middle Ages. Despite various Viking attacks over the years, Glendalough was one of Ireland’s most important monasteries until the Normans destroyed it in 1214.

Walking through the ancient gateway, you feel you have returned in time. This small settlement has a chapel, cemetery and ancient dwellings, including the 33metre high round tower once used as a bell tower but later used as a refuge for monks under attack from Vikings.

Despite being an evocative place with grey stones and a graveyard, the environment, its beautiful Valley’s green grass, and the mountains’ backdrop make it unique and perhaps one of the most beautiful locations in Wicklow. This site has free entry and is worth taking the time to relax and enjoy its presence.

Poulanass Waterfall

A short leisurely walk takes approximately 45 minutes; immerse yourself in a beautiful hike to the Poulanass waterfall, which leads you to the upper lake and has lovely views toward the bottom of the Valley and beautiful lawns for a picnic or a rest. The easy hike loops around the Poulanass waterfall and back to the car park, so it’s not a strenuous hike; however, it is steep and unpaved, so best to wear good walking shoes. A beautiful waterfall surrounded by lush forests.


Hollywood in County Wicklow is a quaint village associated with St. Kevin’s of Glendalough, where many pilgrims passed here on their way to the ancient monastic settlement. It’s stunning and worth spending time walking, hiking, or simply enjoying its natural beauty.

You may be wondering why they named it Hollywood.
This area has been a spectacular backdrop for many Hollywood movies such as Braveheart, P.S. I Love You, Dancing at Lughnasa or Michael Collins with Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts, hence known as the Hollywood of Europe, attracting many filmmakers.

How To Get To Glendalough

Getting to Glendalough is easy. From Dublin, you can hire a car and take a 75-minute drive to Glendalough. Alternatively, many tour companies offer day trips from Dublin to this historical place. See the links below.

Where To Stay

Glendalough (Laragh) offers many accommodation options depending on where you want to stay. Here you will find a few hotels, including bed and breakfasts around the Valley of Two Lakes.

Final Thoughts

While in Glendalough, how about taking an 80-minute drive to beautiful Kilkenny? A quaint medieval city with its characteristic black limestone narrow streets, lively pubs and live music.

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