Ancient Roman City

Ancient Roman City

In Ancient Roman Travel, East from Amman is a series of desert retreats built by Umayyad Princes in the 8th century, easily reachable on a round tour of about 260 km. Winding from North to South, you will pass many changing landscapes and points of interest, from Roman ruins, pilgrimage sites, and crusaders castles to the spectacular sceneries of Wadi Mujib.

Ajloun Castle

Approx 1hr 30min drive (northwest) from Amman to Ajloun sits a 12th-century Muslim castle on a hill which towers over from the west. It was formerly the site of an isolated Christian monastery, home to a monk named Ajloun, and by 1184, amid the Crusades, the monastery had fallen into ruin. Once you have reached the top, enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the Jordan Valley.

Archaeological Site – Jerash Ruins

Explore an ancient located just 50 km from Amman. Walk past historical temples and amphitheatres, considered some of the best examples of Greco-Roman architecture. You can spend hours here, so consider a full day out.

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