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Eydhafushi, Maldives

Our passion for travelling has become part of our life journey, redefining life’s meaning. There’s so much to see, experience and meet extraordinary people with endless inspiration.

The norm of everyday living can make you lose sight of what’s essential and, more importantly, try to see things differently.

Travelling increases knowledge and broadens people’s perspectives. By observing new customs, different ways of living are unbelievable. It helps gives us a unique viewpoint on life. It can help us change some bad habits or even create new ones.

There’s nothing more exciting than travelling to have new experiences and retain those special memories that will last forever.

Our mission is a tribute to the gratitude for what the world has given us and taught us in our journeys. Together we would like to showcase the beauty of this world through our travels and the true meaning of a Soulful Pursuit.

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My background is one of Diversity

Being of Indian ethnicity and British born, raised as a Christian with Hindu parents, I grew up with many unanswered questions and the need for a sense of belonging. At the age of 15, we migrated to Australia to adapt to a new life as an Australian Indian, which only made my natural curiosity ask even more questions.

More About Angela

My parents are three generations away from their ancestral home in North India. They were born and brought up in Fiji Islands in 1930 and the 1940s, eventually migrating to the UK in the early 1960s (just when the British Government opened its doors to immigrants to fill the labour shortage.

In many ways, I lived two lives, one at home with my parents, who were very strict and conservative, the other trying to fit into the norm of British life and then later the Australian way of life.

As much as my parents wanted the best for us in a modern world, my formative years were quite confusing in an environment so distinct from that of my parents, which created communication gaps that go far beyond generational differences. Often, Western norms of different etiquette and communication govern behaviour; taking on these norms became necessary for success. But doing so also inevitably meant downplaying aspects of the very proud heritage of my parents. Managing that contradiction came with a cost – a constant feeling of choosing between two distinct versions of myself.

My mother always told me, as a little girl growing up; I would draw aeroplanes or make paper planes. Many decades later, naturally, my career spanned across the travel and airline industries and, on reflection, stems from that unconsciousness artwork I used to portray.

I am so grateful for the enormous sacrifices my parents made, to give me this life and the opportunities that I have today. Leaving their families and what little they knew to come to the Western world was a challenging time. It’s a sacrifice that I wholeheartedly thank them for and for which I am eternally grateful.

My journey continues to seek answers through travel and to meet extraordinary people (which includes meeting my life partner from a similar background.

And together, we would like to showcase the beauty of this world.



I was born and brought up in Dhule, Maharastra, India. My formative years saw me growing up in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, due to my Dad’s job in Atomic Energy, which took him to various locations. 

Maybe this is where I got the travel bug and followed in my Dad’s footsteps?


More About Harsh

After graduating from University, I worked in India as an IT professional for nearly 12 years before moving overseas to America. As I advanced in my career, so did my opportunity to work in other countries, such as Australia, the United Kingdom and now in the UAE, so four different continents!

One of my passions is photography. Whenever there’s an opportunity while travelling, my camera gives me a scope to see the world through lenses and capture amazing shots to share.

I also love driving and going on long driving trips; whether it’s a day trip or a week or longer, my desire and enthusiasm to feel the freedom of the unending road is liberating.

Since childhood, travel and transportation have always fascinated me. I was very keen to learn how people travelled from one place to another – whether inter-city, inter-state, inter countries / continents or whether by bus, train, or flight journey. I tried to imagine how their travel experience would have been, which sparked a curiosity to travel myself.

My passion for life is to experience the world’s many wonders, experience different cultures, and grow and learn from them.

Together with my life partner, we are determined to fulfil our dream by going on a two to five-year one-way journey around the world.

 I am very grateful to my Mum and Dad for giving me a wonderful childhood, education, and values. The opportunities and the independence they gave me made me more inquisitive and passionate to travel and explore those deep desires. Today I am who I am because of their love, blessings and support. 

 I believe in working hard but also playing hard. Ultimately, I want to enjoy life, enjoy my work, and seek to fulfil my passions, travelling and exploring the world.  

So, “PLAN for the future but, LIVE one day at a time.”