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A Holiday in the Alps

With rolling meadows and soaring, snow-covered mountains and, most of all, its superb transport system, Switzerland is the place to visit at any time of the year. It is considered one of the most expensive countries in Europe but is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Switzerland is home to shimmering lakes, picturesque mountains, tiny walled medieval towns, historic cities, soaring peaks, endless green fields, delicious chocolate and cheese, and friendly, welcoming people. Switzerland is also known for its ski resorts, hiking trails, and Swiss watches.


Points of interest include:

  • Geneva.
  • Hiking at Mt Pilatus.
  • View Europe’s most powerful Rhine Falls.
  • Exploring St Gallen for unique museums
  • Lucerne
  • Take a romantic visit to Montreux with a picturesque castle (Chateau de Chillon) lying at the edge of a lake 



Switzerland is a country you can visit any time of the year, depending on what you would like to do, having four distinct seasons, each with its own attractions.



The climate in Switzerland is moderate with no excessive heat, cold or humidity. 

Winter – December to March for snow and winter sports enthusiasts. The average daytime temperature range is -2 to 7 °C (28° – 45° F)

Spring – March to May for flowering trees and Alpine blooms. The average daytime temperature range is 8 to 15 °C (46° – 59° F).

Summer – June to August for lakeshores, wine and fruit harvests. The average daytime temperature range is 18 to 28 °C (65° – 82° F)  (luckily, there is no humidity thanks to the high altitude)

Fall – September to November for the wine and fruit harvests. You will find in the lowlands rain most often falls in November and May.





Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh, although English is widely used.


Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)


Banks & ATMs: 

Banks in Switzerland include UBS Group AG, Credit Suisse Group AG, Julius Baer, Raiffeisen Switzerland, and Zurich Cantonal Bank.

ATMs are widely available, dispensing euros and Swiss francs.


Plugs and Sockets:

Switzerland uses type C (2-pin), and Type J (3-pin) plugs. 

(Type C 2-pin plugs also fit J sockets.) 

Highly recommended to carry an international plug adaptor.



Switzerland is ranked high among the most secure and safe places globally.  


Flight Connections:

Many full-service carriers fly into Switzerland, namely Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Emirates, SWISS, Gulf Air, Etihad Airways, and Sri Lankan Airlines (to name a few).


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