Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Welcome to Fraser Island

Welcome to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage-listed destination showcasing an epitome of natural beauty and a hidden gem off the eastern coast of Australia. Stretching over 120 kilometres, this stunning island covers an area of 1,840 square kilometres and boasts a unique ecosystem of ancient rainforests, sand dunes, and crystal-clear lakes.

Indulge in the island’s pristine beaches, diverse wildlife, and unique natural beauty. Explore the island’s rugged terrain on foot, by four-wheel drive, or by taking a scenic flight over the island. The island’s must-see attractions include Lake McKenzie, the Maheno shipwreck, and the Champagne Pools.

Fraser Island experiences a subtropical climate with warm temperatures year-round. However, be aware that the island can also experience heavy rainfall and storms during certain times of the year. It’s important to note that Fraser Island is a protected area, and visitors must follow specific rules and regulations to help preserve its unique ecosystem. This includes staying on designated tracks and trails, not feeding wildlife, and disposing of waste responsibly.

How To Get There

Ferry/Barge: The most common way to get to Fraser Island is by taking a ferry or barge from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. Several companies offer regular services throughout the day, and the trip usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Visitors can take their cars, 4WDs, or rent one on the island to explore.

Scenic Flight: Take a scenic flight from Hervey Bay for a more unique and picturesque way to get to Fraser Island. Several companies offer daily flights that provide stunning aerial views of the island’s natural beauty. However, this can be more expensive than taking the ferry or barge.

Private Charter: Visitors can also opt for a private charter to get to Fraser Island, which can be a little more expensive. However, it offers more flexibility regarding departure times and a more convenient option for larger groups or families.

Public Transport: While not a standard mode of transport, it is possible to take a combination of buses and taxis to reach Fraser Island. Take a bus from Brisbane or the Gold Coast to Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach, and then take a taxi or shuttle service to the departure point for the ferry or barge.

Ferry – River Heads to Fraser Island

Scenic Flight over Fraser Island

An exhilarating Scenic Flight which takes off and lands on the worlds largest sand island – the seventy-five-mile beach. Experience breathtaking views of Lake Mckenzie, Lake Wabby, Butterfly Lake, Maheno Shipwreck, Eli Creek, Central station, the Pinnacles and whale spotting in the beautiful aqua sea.

Places Of Interest

Lake McKenzie is a stunning freshwater lake on Fraser Island with crystal-clear waters and pristine white sand. It is referred to as Boorangoora (meaning waters of wisdom) by traditional owners of the land, the Butchulla people. The water is safe, calm and stunning, making it the perfect place for a swim or total relaxation. It’s a popular spot for swimming, picnicking, and relaxing in the sun. Visitors can also explore the surrounding natural beauty and the nearby walking trails. Book tour here.

Eli Creek is a famous freshwater creek on Fraser Island that offers visitors a refreshing and relaxing experience. With its crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming and tubing, the creek on Fraser Island presents a splendid opportunity to revel in its natural beauty. The boardwalk follows the creek inland through banksia and pandanus, where one can swim or float down the flowing stream from the bridge.nation on the island. Book tour here.

The Maheno Shipwreck is a fascinating and iconic landmark on Fraser Island. The Maheno Shipwreck is an ocean liner built in Scotland in 1904 and first used as a hospital ship in WW1. It was later purchased by a Sydney company to travel between Australia and NZ but then sold to a Japanese company. In 1935, the ship began its journey back to Osaka by tow, linked to another boat by a chain but due to a cyclone off Fraser Island’s coastline, it lost its link to the other ship and disappeared. Sometime later the vessel washed up on the shores of Seventy Five Mile Beach which is now rusting away and has now become a landmark along Fraser Island’s picture-perfect beach. This historic shipwreck ran aground in 1935 and has become a popular tourist attraction. Explore the rusting wreckage, take photos, and learn about the ship’s exciting history. Book tour here.

The Pinnacles, also known as the Coloured Sands, are a stunning natural formation on Fraser Island. These towering sand cliffs comprise a spectrum of vibrant colours created by a mix of minerals and organic materials. the Pinnacles which are formations of a collection of minerals with the dunes. The absorption of clay, minerals and sand, created the famous cliffs with colour stains due to the iron-rich minerals within the sand. The cliff’s sculptures formed due to the weather of wind and rain moulding the outer sand until the ancient core was exposed. Visitors can admire the stunning natural beauty and learn about the island’s geology. The Pinnacles are easily accessible via a short hike.

Central Station is a former logging camp on Fraser Island that has been transformed into an eco-tourism centre. Central Station is known for its open rainforests, showcasing fantastic flora and fauna. There is a scenic boardwalk that goes through the rainforest along the banks of the Wanggoolba Creek with massive Satinay Trees that can be found in the upper catchment area of Wanggoolba Creek amid palms and rainforest. The trees are one of Fraser Island’s biological marvels as the sand they grow in has almost no natural mineral fertility.  Learn about the island’s history and ecology, explore the rainforest, and enjoy a picnic or barbecue. The area is also home to several walking trails that offer stunning natural views. Book tour here.   

Seventy-Five Mile Beach is a stunning natural wonder on Fraser Island, stretching along the eastern coast of the island for, as the name suggests, 75 miles. The beach is famous for its pristine white sand, rugged coastline, and crystal-clear waters. Visitors can drive along the beach, explore the many natural attractions, or relax and enjoy the stunning views.

The Fraser Island Great Walk is a 90-kilometre hiking trail that takes visitors through some of the island’s most stunning natural landscapes. The trail passes through ancient rainforests, sand dunes, and coastal heathlands, allowing visitors to spot diverse flora and fauna. Along the seventy-five mile beach, is the perfect natural environmental walk to find soldier crabs, leaden snails, stingray holes and then a leisurely stroll to the mangrove estuary of ‘Dundonga Creek’.
Further climbing to the highest point, trek through a forest to experience spectacular views over the Great Sandy Strait.  The walk can be divided into several sections and completed over multiple days, with camping and other facilities available along the way.

Champagne Pools Fraser Island

Champagne Pools

The Champagne Pools are a unique and refreshing natural attraction on Fraser Island. These rock pools are filled with bubbling seawater, creating a realistic spa-like experience. Swim, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty, just a short walk from the beach.

Indian Head

Indian Head

Indian Head is a rocky outcrop on the easternmost point of Fraser Island that offers stunning panoramic views of the island’s rugged coastline. It’s an excellent spot for whale watching during migration season, where you can spot dolphins and other marine life. The area is easily accessible via a short hike. Book tour here.   

Where To Stay

Luxury Hotels

Kingfisher Bay Resort: 

A luxurious retreat in a breathtaking natural setting on Fraser Island, Australia, offers captivating views of the surrounding landscape. Located near the famous Great Sandy National Park, it provides easy access to explore the island’s diverse ecosystems and pristine beaches.

Mid-Range Hotels

Fraser Island Retreat: 

This hotel offers scenic views of the island’s natural beauty. Located in Happy Valley, it provides convenient access to nearby attractions such as Lake Wabby and the Champagne Pools, creating an ideal base for exploration.

Budget Hotels

K’gari Beach Resort:  

Offering breathtaking views of the surrounding natural landscape and located near the famous Great Sandy National Park, this resort provides easy access to explore the island’s diverse ecosystems and the renowned Lake McKenzie.

Kingfisher Bay Resort

Where To Eat

Maheno Restaurant and Bar: Situated at the Kingfisher Bay Resort, the Maheno Restaurant and Bar offers fine dining focusing on fresh seafood and local produce. The restaurant has a sophisticated ambience and is popular among older couples.

The Sand Bar and Bistro: This beachfront bistro is located at the Eurong Beach Resort and offers a range of Australian and international cuisine at reasonable prices. The venue is relaxed and popular among older couples and families looking for a casual dining experience.

The Sunset Bar and Bistro: This beachfront bar and bistro is located at the Kingfisher Bay Resort and offers stunning views of the sunset over the ocean. The menu features a range of Australian and international cuisine, with reasonable prices and a relaxed atmosphere that is popular among older visitors.

DUNE Restaurant and Rainforest Bar: A popular dining destination on Fraser Island, located at the Kingfisher Bay Resort. The restaurant has a relaxed, beachy atmosphere, stunning ocean views and surrounding rainforest.

Final Thoughts

Fraser Island is a truly unique and spectacular destination that offers something for every traveller. With its breathtaking landscapes and untouched wilderness, Fraser Island has left an indelible mark on our hearts. A place where time stands still, and its nature reigns supreme. From the pristine beaches to the lush rainforests and gorgeous lakes, every moment on this island, Fraser Island, is a testament to the beauty of our planet. It is a destination that reminds us to preserve our natural treasures for generations.

Sunsets of Fraser Island

Whale Watching

The whale watching season in Hervey Bay runs from July – November

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