Land of the Maple Leaf

Canada is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, diverse landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. It is nestled in North America and offers a harmonious blend of vibrant cities, pristine wilderness, and warm-hearted locals. With breathtaking sights like the majestic Rocky Mountains and the spectacular Niagara Falls, every corner of this vast nation beckons with awe-inspiring views and captivating experiences.

The country is also affectionately called the “Land of the Maple Leaf”, named after the country’s national symbol, the maple leaf, which holds great cultural significance for Canadians. It appears on the Canadian flag and is a proud emblem representing unity, diversity, and natural beauty. The maple leaf not only embodies the spirit of Canada but also symbolizes the country’s warm hospitality and welcoming nature, making it a beloved icon for residents and visitors alike.


Summer (June to August): This is the most popular time to visit. The weather is pleasant, and many outdoor activities, such as hiking, wildlife viewing, and festivals, are available. However, popular tourist destinations can get crowded.

Fall (September to November): Fall foliage is stunning, particularly in regions like Ontario and Quebec, where the weather remains pleasant, to enjoy various fall-themed events and activities.

Winter (December to February): Ideal for winter sports enthusiasts, as Canada offers excellent skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. Christmas markets and winter festivals are also highlights during this season.

Spring (March to May): Spring brings milder weather and the chance to witness the beauty of nature coming back to life. It’s a good time for hiking and exploring before the summer crowds arrive.



Language: Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages: English and French.


Currency:  The currency used in Canada is the Canadian Dollar, abbreviated as CAD or symbolized as $. It is the country’s official currency and is widely accepted for transactions throughout Canada. 


Banks & ATMs:

Banks and ATMs are available everywhere.


Plugs and Sockets:

Canada uses two plug types. Type A has two flat pins, and Type B has two flat pins and an earth pin. The voltage is 120V, and 60Hz frequency.

Consider carrying a universal adapter.



Canada is regarded as a safe country to visit but always be vigilant. Petty theft can be a concern in big cities. Be aware of the weather conditions, especially during winter, as it can be severe in some regions. Follow weather forecasts and dress appropriately for the conditions. Also, Canada is known for its diverse wildlife. If you plan to explore nature, familiarize yourself with wildlife safety guidelines to avoid encountering potentially dangerous animals.


Flight Connections:

All major airlines fly into the major hubs around the USA.

Etihad Airways & Qatar Airways (to name a few) have great connections and prices.

Check Skyscanner or Wayaway for great airfares.

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