The Caribbean

Idyllic Oasis

The Caribbean is a region of the Americas in the Caribbean Sea, located between North and South America. It is an archipelago of over five thousand islands, with each place having its own set of charms and a diverse landscape of cultures, food, and inspirations.


Caribbean life is captivating with its friendly people, colourful streets and tropical landscape. Their history embraces African, Asian, Dutch, English, French and Spanish ancestry. The heritage and tropical island landscape influence the lifestyle, attitudes and customs which incorporate music, dance and food through festivals and carnivals.


As the Islands are known for their majestic beaches, rich culture, and laid-back vibes, the Caribbean makes it a truly perfect place for embracing their culture and maximising a relaxing holiday.



February to May is considered the driest month and is usually the best time to visit The Caribbean. 

The hurricane season is between June and November, the wettest period, and it is best to avoid the Islands during this time.



The Caribbean has a hot, tropical climate all year roundwith average temperatures reaching 28°C (82°F).

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There are six official languages spoken in the Caribbean: English, Dutch, French, Haitian Creole and Spanish, with English being the most common.



Except for Cuba, the most widely accepted currency throughout the Caribbean is the U.S. Dollar (USD)


Banks & ATM

Each island country has its banks under the Caribbean Association of Banks (CAB) umbrella. Most islands have ATMs but recommend using debit cards or cash.


Plugs & Sockets

In most Caribbean islands, the electrical supply is 110 or 120 volts at 60 cycles. The French islands work to 220 volts and the Dutch islands at 110. The power plugs and sockets are of type A and B.

Highly recommended to carry an international plug adaptor



Most Caribbean islands are perfectly safe to visit as long as you follow common-sense precautions.


Flight Connections

While some more significant Caribbean hubs have plenty of flight connections to the U.S. (A.A., Delta are some of the most common airlines flying to various destinations in the Caribbean).

Regional local airlines hop around the Caribbean to get to the smaller islands, they include; Caribbean Airlines, Air Caraibes, Cayman Airways, Cape Air, LIAT, Bahamasair, Copa Airlines

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