Day 1 – Highlights Of Baku

The Flame Towers, Baku

Day 1 – Highlights Of Baku

Day 1 - Highlights of Baku

Baku is not a common destination but one that intrigued us. Once we got there, the country did not disappoint. It was full of surprises. From glittering high-rises and luxury hotels to small hidden eateries and colourful buzzing spice shops in a local market, Baku gives you a feel of what it was like centuries ago as you wander through the many lanes of cobbled-stone alleys. There are many sightseeing opportunities in Baku, and you can comfortably see most of them daily.

Admire the iconic Flame Towers and learn about the history of Martyrs Lane; walk along the beautiful waterfront promenade with Baku Eye sitting on the Caspian Sea. Don’t miss the carpet museum and perhaps a ride on a gondola at Little Venice. Feel like shopping, Nizami Street is great for shopping, eateries and entertainment.

Flame Towers

The skyline of Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, is adorned by the city’s iconic three flame-shaped skyscrapers reaching 182 meters high, symbolizing the Caucasian country, particularly Zoroaster. The three towers of the flame-shaped skyscraper includes a luxury hotel – (The Fairmont), a residential and office tower. While overlooking the shores of the Caspian Sea and Baku’s old and historical heart of the city, this landmark links Baku to the concept of futurism.

Flame Towers, Baku

Martyrs Lane Memorial

From the majestic Flame Towers, walk over to Martyr’s Lane, formerly known as Kirov Park. It is a 1 km long cemetery and memorial in Baku dedicated to those killed in the Russian civil war during Black January 1990. Here you will see more than 150 black marble tombs of civilians who lost their lives. The youngest was as young as 15, and the eldest was around 77 years old. It’s a sombre experience but a reminder to take a few minutes of silence for those who lost their lives only a generation ago.

Dağüstü Park & Baku Boulevard

Dağüstü Park, called by the locals Upland Park, is the highest point of Baku, boasting panoramic views of the old town and the Caspian Sea. Due to its location and observation platforms, it is also known as Highland Park. After taking in the vast views, walk along the seaside Baku Boulevard, where you will find many attractions of museums, parks, cafes, restaurants, the Baku Eye and a modern waterfront mall called Deniz Mall

Azerbaijani Carpet Museum

Azerbaijani Carpet museum is famous for its Persian carpets, weaving, and textiles. It exhibits carpets according to different regions and how they were woven in different ways. There are over 6000 carpets in the museum containing carpets from various historical periods between the 14th century to the 20th century. It is within walking distance from Baku Boulevard.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, Baku

Little Venice

‘Little Venice’ on Baku Boulevard is a town built in 1960, later renovated in 2012 and famous as one of Baku’s tourist destinations. It depicts a well-designed copy of the original Venice with channels and gondolas called Little Venice. Enjoy a relaxing boat ride and later eat at one of the many restaurants serving a variety of European and Eastern cuisines, including delicious Azerbaijani food.

Fountain Square & Nizami Street

Fountain Square and Nizami Street are the heart of the city. This location has several fountains around the central plaza and is commonly a place for cultural festivals and outdoor events. Enjoy a stroll and marvel at the Fountain “Balls” at night or the sparkle of the sun setting off the fountain in the Governor’s Garden. There are flourishes from Soviet rule, Mediterranean influence, Persian and Balkan relics, and Arabian palm trees amongst the ornaments of the contemporary passageways and stylish cobblestone alleys that provide a uniquely varied cultural experience.

Taza Pir Mosque

A mosque architecturally designed with white stones was constructed in 1905 and completed by 1914. A place for worshipping God emerged with Islam’s arrival after the 7th century. Though the mosque is not historical, its design in Shirvan Style is impressive.

Heydar Aliyev Center: Modern Curves

The Heydar Aliyev Center is a futuristic building created by the late, extraordinary British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. It has a museum, a gallery, and an auditorium. Its fluid and flowing design is a testament to Baku’s quick modernization and economic growth.

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