An Archaeological Haven

Jordan was always a dream destination on our bucket list, which finally became a reality.

We visited the lowest point on Earth where floating in the Dead Sea (due to its high level of salination) is a novelty. We witnessed the most photographed view of the Treasury in Petra. We dined in the Wadi Rum Desert and watched the darkness with twinkling stars shining above us. We learnt firsthand from locals about the Bedouin culture and how to make Bedouin tea which was inspiring.

Also, after years of watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies filmed either in Petra or Wadi Rum, brought those movies to life after visiting Jordan. Here are some of the films shot in this exotic location:

Hollywood: Aladdin (2019), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), Lawrence of Ariabia (1962), The Martian (2015) and Star Wars (2017)

Bollywood: Kajraare (2010), the first Indian movie filmed in Petra and Krish 3 (2019) -The Song ‘Dil Tu Hi Bataa’ is shot in Petra.

Spectacular Jordan is located in the Middle East and bordered by Israel, West Bank, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Jordan’s only natural shoreline is the Read Sea, an important location between Africa, Europe, and Asia.

It is a popular travel destination with world-class archaeological sites boasting incredible natural wonders, ancient ruins, and pristine beaches.


Language: Official language is Arabic, but English is widely used.

Currency: Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

Banks & ATMs: Arab Bank, Jordan Bank or Cairo Amman Bank.

There are many ATMs in the central city locations, but not necessarily in remotes areas like Petra or Wadi Rum and Desert Castles (so remember to carry cash with you). Withdrawing from an ATM in Jordan charge a fee and can be extremely high. A Visa card seems to be the most widely accepted type of card.

Tipping: Jordan has a tipping culture, so keep some extra cash to tip your tour guide, driver etc., at the end of your trip.

Plugs and Sockets: Jordan uses type C, D, F, G, and J plugs. The standard voltage is 230 V.

Safety: Jordan is a safe country to visit in the Middle East. Locals are strongly frowned upon by stealing from or harming tourists, and harsh punishments exist for offenders. As a result, travellers can explore the country quite confidently.

Drinking water in Jordan is not advisable due to its high chlorine and calcium levels, so it’s safer to drink bottled water or get a filtered drink bottle.

Climate: Jordan’s climate is more Mediterranean than a Desert climate, but the land is generally very arid.

Spring – March to May is an excellent time to travel to Jordan

Autumn – September to November

Winter – December to February – the temperature can drop to below freezing.

Flight Connections: Royal Jordanian, Emirates, Etihad Airways (to name a few)

A visa is required to enter Jordan – check your local website for your country’s requirements.


Most travellers’ main gateway into Jordan is Queen Alia International airport (AMM), located 30 kilometres south of Amman.

We flew with Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi, a flying time of three hours and thirty minutes. And what a spectacular view from above showcasing the vastness of the desert landscapes.


As Jordan has advanced, so has accommodation types to suit all budgets, from a five-star luxury hotel in Amman to a Bedouin tent in the desert.

  • For budget type accommodation, there are hostels and backpackers.
  • Air BNB is a good option for the mid-range budget with a natural Jordanian touch.
  • And many high-end accommodations offer exquisite Jordanian service.

We have accumulated many Marriott Points that pay off future trips, which become affordable as we travel. On this trip, we stayed at the Amman Marriott Hotel, which was stunning.

Culture: In the Culture of Jordan Islam is the major practised religion in Jordan as it is a Muslim country. As much as it is a liberal country, it is still respectful to dress moderately.


The capital city of Jordan

Ancient Roman City

Desert castles built by an Umayyad Princess

A 280-kilometre ancient highway

Dead Sea, Israel

Also called the “Salt Sea”

Petra by day

Petra (which means Rock) 

Petra (which means Rock) 

The Valley of the Moon

A seaside City on the Red Sea

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