Swansea, South-West Wales

Swansea, South-West Wales

Swansea & Gower Peninsula (South-West Wales)

Swansea is a city and county, the second largest in Wales, known as the birthplace of poet Dylan Thomas and is home to the Swans.  Swansea is small enough to walk almost everywhere and is a good starting point to start the rest of your Wale’s journey.

Places of Interest

National Waterfront Museum

The National Waterfront Museum or NWMS encapsulate Wales’s industrial, innovation and maritime history over the last 300 years. It is a prominent architectural landmark that guides you through an age when Wales supplied the world with coal and steel.

Swansea Market

Swansea Market is the largest in Wales, with over 100 stalls. Here you can sample many of the area’s delicacies, including cockles and laverbread, the world-renowned dish made from seaweed collected on the shores of north Gower.

Clyne Gardens

If the weather is good, it is worth visiting the Clyne Gardens, Swansea’s botanical garden known for its extensive and exotic plants. Here you will find the finest collection of rhododendrons in Wales. The Clyne Gardens is a hidden gem in Swansea, perfect for walking around and appreciating nature.

Oystermouth Castle (Welsh: Castell Ystum Llwynarth)

Oystermouth Castle is a Norman stone castle overlooking Swansea Bay near the village of Mumbles. It is a great place to learn some Welsh history by exploring parts of the castle that have been hidden for centuries, including the medieval maze of deep vaults and secret staircases. Apart from its history, enjoy the magnificent views over Swansea Bay.

Entrance Fee: £5

The Swansea.com Stadium

The Stadium is the home of Swansea City Football Club and the Ospreys regional rugby team. It is a premier venue for conferences and events in South West Wales and can seat twenty thousand people making it the perfect venue for a concert.

We attended Elton John’s – Yellow Brick Road Farewell concert, which was fantastic.

Where to stay in Swansea

We stayed at the four-star Swansea Marriott Hotel in the lively city centre near the marina and close to some of the most popular attractions in Wales, including Swansea University, the museum, markets and football matches at Liberty Stadium.  A superb four-star hotel with the perfect location.

We recommend using Booking.com for accommodation options.

Mumbles (Welsh: Mwmbwls) - Gower Peninsula

We drove from Swansea to a beautiful place called Mumbles, the beginning of the Gower Peninsula. A vibrant seaside village where you will find over 120 shops, restaurants and pubs on the west side of Swansea Bay. 

For some retail therapy, Mumbles has a range of high-end shops, independent boutiques with designer labels, quirky galleries and unique shops with handmade crafts.

You can’t go past Joe’s Ice-Cream shop, famous for its fresh vanilla. Joe’s Italian secret recipe has stolen the hearts and taste buds of generations throughout Swansea and surrounding areas, and the fresh vanilla recipe has remained untouched for almost 100 years. 

Mumbles has a beach, pier, lighthouse and cafes, so while you are there, grab some lunch at Verdi’s before carrying on with the rest of your Wales road trip.

Where to Stay in Mumbles

We recommend using Booking.com for accommodation options.

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