Mykonos, A Cycladic Greek Island Paradise

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, A Cycladic Greek Island Paradise

Welcome to Mykonos

Mykonos, a renowned Greek island in the Aegean Sea, is a jewel within the Cyclades group, celebrated for its breathtaking beaches, lively nightlife, and charming Cycladic architecture. Travellers flock here for natural beauty, cultural delights, and exciting entertainment.
The island boasts many stunning beaches with pristine waters and sandy shores, with Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Psarou Beach, and Ornos Beach among the most famous.

Apart from idyllic beaches, the Greek island of Mykonos is synonymous with its iconic windmills. Here you can enjoy the picturesque cluster of windmills in Mykonos Town that offers fantastic photo opportunities and sweeping vistas. For those seeking adventure, Mykonos delivers jet skiing, windsurfing, and snorkelling, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience amidst the beauty of the Aegean Sea. After sunset, Mykonos transforms into a party paradise, drawing revellers from around the globe. And as the nightlife in the city unfolds, there are bars, clubs, and beach parties that keep the energy flowing until dawn.

How To Get There

Mykonos is easily accessible by ferry from Athens and other nearby islands. It attracts a diverse crowd, including party-seekers, honeymooners, and history enthusiasts. However, during the peak tourist season (usually from June to August), the island can get quite crowded, so travellers might consider visiting during the shoulder seasons (spring and early autumn) for a more relaxed experience.

Here’s a general overview of how to reach Mykonos:

By AirMykonos has an international airport (Mykonos Island National Airport – JMK) that receives direct flights from major cities in Greece and various European countries. During the peak tourist season, frequent flights to and from Athens and other major Greek cities occur. Flight duration from Athens to Mykonos is approximately 30-40 minutes.

By Ferry: If you prefer a more scenic route, you can ferry to Mykonos from Athens or other neighbouring islands. Ferries operate from Piraeus (Athens) ports, Rafina, and other Cycladic islands like Santorini, Naxos, and Paros. The duration of the ferry journey can vary depending on the departure point, but it generally takes around 2 to 5 hours.

By Cruise: Some travellers visit Mykonos as part of a cruise itinerary. Many cruise lines include Mykonos as a stop on their Mediterranean or Greek Isles routes.

Upon arrival in Mykonos, you can use local transportation options such as buses, taxis, or rental cars to get around the island and explore its various attractions and beaches.

Places Of Interest

Mykonos Town (Chora)

Mykonos Town (Chora)

This island’s main town features iconic whitewashed buildings with colourful accents, narrow winding streets, and bougainvillaea-covered alleys. The city is a picturesque and lively place to explore, with shops, restaurants, and bars. Book tour here.



Just a short boat ride from Mykonos, the island of Delos is an important archaeological site and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was once a significant religious and trading centre in ancient Greece, with well-preserved ruins of temples, houses, and monuments. Book tour here.

Little Venice Suites

Little Venice

This area in Mykonos Town is characterized by its colourful houses built right up to the water’s edge, reminiscent of Venice. Famous for watching the sunset and enjoying a romantic atmosphere. Book tour here.

Paradise Beach - RESORT - Mykonos

Paradise Beach

One of the island’s most famous beaches, known for its lively atmosphere, beach parties, and water sports. It’s a popular spot for the younger crowd. Book tour here.

Armenisti lighthouse

Armenistis Lighthouse

Located on the island’s northwest coast, this lighthouse offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and the Aegean Sea. Book tour here.

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

Learn about the island’s history and ancient artefacts in this small yet informative museum. (Temporarily Closed)

ano mera windmills mykonos

Ano Mera Windmills

These traditional windmills in Ano Mera provide a glimpse of the island’s rural past.

Where To Stay

Luxury Hotels

Belvedere Mykonos:

A luxurious 5-star hotel in Mykonos Town, with elegant rooms, a stunning infinity pool, spa facilities, and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

Mid-Range Hotels

San Marco Hotel:

A charming 4-star hotel in Houlakia Bay, offering comfortable rooms, a lovely swimming pool, and a serene ambience, not far from Mykonos Town.

Budget Hotels

Hotel Matina:

A budget-friendly 3-star hotel in Ornos, offering comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, and a convenient location to the beach.

Where To Eat

Mykonos offers many dining options to satisfy every palate, ranging from traditional Greek tavernas to chic international restaurants. Here are some suggestions:

Kiki’s Tavern: Located in Agios Sostis, this rustic and picturesque taverna is known for its delicious grilled meats, fresh seafood, and stunning views. It’s a hidden gem and doesn’t take reservations, so arrive early to secure a table.

Nammos: Situated on Psarou Beach, Nammos is a trendy and upscale beachfront restaurant offering a fusion of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. It’s famous for its seafood dishes and vibrant atmosphere.

Niko’s Taverna: Located in Mykonos Town, Niko’s is a popular choice for authentic Greek dishes and traditional grilled meats. It’s a family-run tavern with a cosy atmosphere.

Remember that some more popular restaurants may require reservations, especially during the peak tourist season. Additionally, Mykonos has numerous seaside cafes and small eateries serving delicious local delicacies, so feel free to explore and discover your favourite spots!

Final Thoughts

Mykonos is an enchanting destination that perfectly blends natural beauty, cultural charm, and vibrant energy. With its stunning beaches, iconic windmills, and picturesque whitewashed buildings, the island provides a postcard-perfect backdrop for unforgettable vacations. The island’s lively nightlife and beach parties make it an exciting choice for those seeking a vibrant and social atmosphere. At the same time, its charming towns and traditional villages offer a more serene and authentic experience. However, like any popular tourist destination, Mykonos can get crowded during peak seasons, and prices may be higher than other less-visited islands in Greece. For travellers seeking a quieter experience, visiting during the shoulder seasons can be a good option.

Overall, Mykonos is a dream destination for those looking to experience the best Greek island life – where you can revel in the beauty of the Aegean Sea, indulge in delicious food, explore ancient history, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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